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About MIC (Music in Columbus)


MIC (Music in Columbus) was formed in 2006, by a group of community and business leaders to foster, develop and promote music as an economic development opportunity. The primary mission is to assist in the development and promotion of local musicians and the regional music industry to produce the highest possible economic and cultural benefit for the Columbus community. MIC consists of musicians, music lovers and professionals working together to help further and support the Columbus Music Scene.


To increase understanding of the rich variety, artistic value, cultural and historical significance and continuing relevance of local/regional music among educators, media and the general public.


To provide a bridge to and from music organizations and needed resources, and help these organizations link with their constituencies.


To influence decisionmakers and resource providers on the national, state and local levels in supporting the establishment, development and long-term growth of a music-oriented development model.

professional development:

To support and encourage the development of new and existing grassroots music and music-oriented business organizations, and strengthen their effectiveness by providing professional development opportunities.

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